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Training & coaching

Training programmes must meet YOUR needs and should not depend on a standardised brochure of pre-established modules, nor be constraining or consist of lectures.
With Vidok Formations, you choose:
  • What you want to learn, by selecting one (or more) theme (s) within our range of expertise, 
  • How you want to learn, by choosing which of the 3 formats (“Blended” Masterclass, “Peer to peer” Workshop, “TGV” webinar) best suits you,

And we take care of the rest: according to your choices, we set up a tailor-made digital training programme available on our e-learning platform, which includes video (or face-to-face) conferences. You will benefit from our exclusive training method: a duo of trainers, "the one who knows" for the theory, "the one who does" for the practice.

You can now do the training that best suits you and learn at your own pace what you want, where, when and how you choose.

Our team is also able to put you in touch with accredited professional coaches to meet your specific requirements.
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